Wear Your Mantra- 'DGAF'

One of our favorite fashion bloggers and boss ladies Tienlyn Jacobson, of The Thoughtful Misfit  got the most badass signet pinky for Valentine's Day! She is wearing her Mantra and we love it. Click below to find out more about her 'Don't Give a F*CK' daily mantra.


"So what does DGAF (Don't Give A F*ck) mean? It's a reminder to let the little stuff go, to care passionately about the big things, to never let fear or the feeling of not being enough get in the way, and to always maintain my own sense of joy, no matter what the world is hurling my way. 

From the moment I slipped on this ring, I've already caught myself looking down at it countless times as a reminder, and to be honest, it's been pretty empowering" - Thoughtful Misfit. 


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