A closer look at our values on sustainability and a the power of a mindful approach

In depth look at our values and dedication to sustainable practices Thank you Luxiders Magazine for featuring Vanessa Lianne Jewelry this beautiful article. 

Conscious artist Vanessa Lianne pays homage to sustainability as well as an eternal appreciation of beauty in her carefully curated line of ‘delicate armor’. Vanessa Lianne has set high standards for craftsmanship and emphasises a greater degree of mindfulness, making the wearer more connected to her edgy, outstanding jewellery art saturated with a generous message. The jewellery maker hand-forges each unique piece of jewellery by hand in her Brooklyn studio. Yet the primary role of her line of work is to keep offering aesthetic appeal — her no-ordinary signature textures and palpable craftsmanship infuse the collection with heritage; so her pieces become an inseparable, native extension of the woman who wears them. The values that flow through Vanessa Lianne’s brand also manifest in the heritage factor, as well as traceable origins of materials. I make jewellery that is meant to be future heirlooms loved and past down for generations,” she explains.

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