A look inside our VL studio with Sparks Escape

November 01, 2017 1 Comment

A look inside our VL studio with Sparks Escape

A look inside our Vanessa Lianne Jewelry Brooklyn Studio. We talk to Sparks Escape about how I got started using dental tools in my basement, where i find inspiration and what is fueling the collection today. Thank you so much for coming by and visiting us and sharing this beautiful inside look!  

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November 03, 2017

Your pieces are absolutely beautiful. I loved watching this and getting to know your process and the way you feel about your pieces.
I’ve been looking for a dainty ring (preferably a ring) with both my and my son,who is no longer with us,sun signs on it. We’re Leo’s.
My baby was such a Leo,you could tell from the moment he entered this world to the moment he left us.
So, I may not be able to purchase this piece right away,as things are tight,but this seems like the perfect place to get this ring which is so very,very meaningful to me.
I love what you’re doing,these pieces speak to me like none have in a long time. ❤️

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