Natural Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Fresh and Clean


It’s almost that time of year again: a packed calendar filled with office holiday parties, warm family gatherings and various social obligations. To make it through another winter season, you’ll want to have your favorite jewelry at the ready. But time (and life) takes its toll, and chances are your prized possessions aren’t in the same shape they were when you purchased them.

Most people think you need to purchase expensive jewelry cleaners in order to keep your collection looking shiny and new. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case. More than likely, everything you need to get the job done is already in your kitchen cupboard. Below, check out some of our favorite jewelry cleaning tips, broken down by material:


Silver, Gold, and Brass

These metals are among the easiest to clean. Start by adding a tablespoon or so of baking soda to a small dish, and add a few drops of water. Mix until you create a thick paste. Then, use a normal soft toothbrush and gently rub the mixture onto your jewelry in a circular motion (just like brushing your teeth), and use more water as needed. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed until the job’s done.


Diamonds and Gemstones

To restore your gems to their original, pristine condition, soak your jewels in a dish of warm water and dish soap (we like Dawn). Let it sit overnight to remove dirt and oils. The following morning, scrub your jewelry down with a soft dry toothbrush.

Note: Do NOT do use this method with pearls, opals, or turquoise. They are porous and water-based liquids can damage them.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Great news: gold plated jewelry doesn’t need to be cleaned. However, you should keep it stored in a air-tight bag for best care.


One last tip: Avoid applying perfumes, lotions, soaps and hair products when wearing your jewelry. Its best to put your jewelry on last.

At Vanessa Lianne, we avoid using harsh chemicals to clean our jewelry. We prefer to clean it naturally using non-toxic materials.

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