Tanzanite drop earrings in 14kt yellow gold simple drop earrings
Tanzanite drop earrings in 14kt yellow gold with organic  cap and simple drop earrings
tanzanite drop earrings, turquoise drop earring and guava quartz drop earring with organic 14kt gold cap on ear wire drop
Isobel Tanzanite Drops

Isobel Tanzanite Drops


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The Isobel Drops with our signature organic textured 14kt yellow gold cap  accentuating the incredible smooth Tanzanite drop.

Tanzanite it technically a rarer gem then diamonds,  but has only been discovered 50 years ago. 

Tanzanite is commonly believed to facilitate a higher consciousness and stimulate intuition and perception. It is said to be a good stone to wear in situations where you need a calming and soothing presence.


14kt recycled yellow gold