VL Jewelry and Sustainability

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Slate Ring with Diamonds

A recent Discover magazine article detailed the growing problems regarding gold production, and its potentially negative impact on the environment, most notably in South America. Gold mining can lead to deforestation, and mercury used in mining operations can damage rivers and ecological food chains.

At Vanessa Lianne, we take these matters seriously, and strive to use the most environmentally sound and ethical practices possible in creating our line. We do this not only for our own satisfaction, but also so that our customers can feel good about wearing the pieces we create. Here are just a few of our methods:

- We ensure our jewelry is cast from 100% recycled metals. We only utilize vendors that purchase metal from green refineries.

- All diamonds used in our jewelry are certified through the Kimberley process, a joint initiative created to curb usage of conflict diamonds industry-wide.

- All of our plating companies take advantage of the most sustainable methods. Our electroplating processes employ the latest non-cyanide based chemistries, and safest methods around.

The environment -- and the jewelry industry's impact on it -- is something very dear to our hearts, so we do all we can. However, customers are the most powerful change agents. Doing your research (making sure recycled metals are used, and that companies are minimizing their environmental impact) is the best way to "do something." Collectively, your purchasing choices are a huge influencer.

For more information, check out Ethical Metalsmiths, an organization spearheading the movement for responsible and sustainable jewelry production.

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